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Combat Wing Chun
Traditional Wing Chun
Intense Fighting Application
Gun Offense & Defense
Knife Fighting & Stick Fighting
Stand Up & Ground

Judo, Jiujitsu, Northern Kung Fu,
Krav Maga, JKD, Jeet Kune Do,
Hapkido, Aikido, Taekwondo,
Karate, Boxing, Mauy Thai

116 East Pine Street,
Lakeland, Florida 33801


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The Chinese Combat lakeland martial arts training center includes rigorous physical activity and contact through drills, sparring, reaction combinations and combat survival techniques, these can be strenuous and physically demanding. It has been shown that the control and physical activity achieved through the martial arts relieves stress and tension, could cut your chances of certain diseases, excess weight, maintain a healthy life style, gain confidence, while learning to effectively defend yourself in variety of situations.

CHINESE COMBAT - FAMILY LAKELAND MARTIAL ARTS - Instructing dedicated martial arts students, individuals and families in lakeland, florida
We at the chinese combat & lakeland family martial arts teach techniques in wing chun, chinese kung fu, krav maga, chinese martial arts, mauy thai, boxing,
jiujitsu, jkd, jeet kune do, kung fu, gung fu, karate, taekwondo, hapkido, aikido, judo

Welcome to the Chinese Combat Martial Art Institute located in Lakeland, Fl. Individuals from all walks of life train with Sifu Och; from lawyers, doctors, construction workers to stay at home parents. Adults, Families and Children train to stay safe, lose weight and grow together. We want our loved ones protected from harm, So we train in a system that is proven & solid in modern combat for over 350 years.

We enrich the lives of our students with moral philosophy and hardcore training, increasing their self defense skills and molding each individual into a very skilled and adept martial artists. Realistic street based training, grows their ability to keep themselves and their families and loved ones protected. We teach both internal and external techniques and skills of modern & traditional martial arts, training students in internal energy building forms all the way to intense hardcore training and sparring. Students who wish to truly keep themselves and there loved ones protected will develop practical and effective self defense skills turning themselves into experts in the martial arts.

Traditional & Modern Chinese Combat Martial Arts continues to get people in the best shape of there life! We have a 350 year tradition in studying the arts of others & the psychology of the criminal mind, improving our skills and abilities, there are only so many things the arms and legs can do after 10,000 years of chinese combat, no matter what your art, a hand can only do so many things, yes it may flick or jab, cross, hook but in end it can only go under, straight or over, the same thing contests with the legs, body and mind. But as time goes on nations improve on there skills & abilities in combat martial arts, So we study those arts proving and improving our understanding and ability in our own.

"Fight only to preserve the Honor, Integrity and Good within yourself & those around you." ~ Sifu Och

The study of Martial Arts & thus the study of Chinese Combat and Wing Chun should enlighten and individual and bring a higher sense of purpose into there life. Through dedication in realistic self defense and in internal and external practice of application, one can raise there understanding of self and life through these skills and abilities that can never be taken away.

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